2016 Burning Man Theme

It was announced today! The news finally arrived. Just in time to get people excited for the pre-holiday ticket sale in coming up where Burning Man raises more funds for the year. Money raised goes to the production of the event as well as funding for art projects going to the burn.

DaVinci’s Workshop

The art theme for Burning Man 2016 will be “Da Vinci’s Workshop”, inspired by the Italian Renaissance of the middle fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, when an historic convergence of inspired artistry, technical innovation and enlightened patronage launched Europe out of the dark ages and into modernity.

Our story will focus on the republic of Florence, for it was here, in a city-state of about the same size and population as Black Rock City, that humanist ideals, a rediscovery of science, and funding from a newly moneyed class of entrepreneurs fueled a revolutionary cultural movement that redefined Western civilization.  – blog.burningman.com

Yes, we are excited. Yes, we are thrilled. No, this year does not begin with Car… (see last 3 years themes).

People: Toaster

The web site for gay burners started a long time ago, but not nearly as long as the Burning Man ideology existed. Some say Queer Burners and Burning Man cannot co-exist under the same theory. Burning Man is about radical inclusion and  everyone JasonTang3playing in the same sandbox on the same level. The theory is this is a gifting economy so sexual orientation, gender and economic class are irrelevant. In theory.

Gay Burners became Queer Burners less than four years ago by accident. It was an idea by Scott Kay aka Toaster in 2008 that evolved from a static site to the less static site it is today. His goal has been to make a site that gets contributions from various members of the community enriching everyone as a whole, which it has not really taken off. Much of the information is like a sign post.

p1060872-viDoes the Gayborhood and queer focused camps keep lgbt Burners from integrating? Another important question is should we want integration?

Toaster brought Queer Burners to life to bring lgbt burning man people together with growing success. The 2015 Sprint Retreat in Northern California and the last 4 years of Queer Burner Leadership events were great examples of growth in the community.

You have been granted a magic wand

fabFor all the silly things in this world there is nothing more ridiculous than the winds at 50 mph blowing dust non-stop so bad one cannot see 3 feet ahead of oneself. Or maybe that there is the same art car passing by fifty times and the people on it never let you on? Or maybe waiting to get in the gate when you can see the brightly lit gate area 12 cars away and YET it is still 3 hours from getting inside.

Insanity. (Did we see that out there somewhere in the form of art?)

What would you change about the Burning Man event if you could wave a wand right now?

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InsanitySo, we pass you a magic wand and now you have 2 choices to make a change on the playa right this moment. If you play the game right you will be whisked back in time and given a chance to relive Carnival of Mirrors with your changes implemented.

rules: 1. complete the survey as requested. 2. see the results as they compare to others who have also participated. 3. put on your favorite burning man costume. 4. this includes makeup and personal lighting. 5. proceed to your front yard/sidewalk/dirt-patch and light a small fire using anything flammable BUT cannot be larger that a very small flame. 6. dance around it while spinning siting the 10 principles in order and after 3 times… you will find yourself in deep playa. The consumption of alcohol or absinthe before answering the survey is a recommended start with a 2 oz shot with each step.

Blogs of the Burnerverse

Where do you get your information about Burning Man? In that first year, with glitter filled eyes, the best sources are YouTube and Facebook. The hungrier you are for Burning Man related posts the the less those two networks can satisfy, because what is the content that context is made from? What are those 10 Principles and how and when are they applied.

Burner Life

If you are a person who thinks the 10 Principles is something you hold on to for 8 days and nights a year then we respectfully ask you to put the toys down and back away slowly. Your inexperience with firey toys will get someone burned. Likewise, you are a tourist in a world many of us have committed to.

While Facebook and the hundreds of Burning Man related groups and pages that exist there are an amazing source of materials about the community, there is still more. While YouTube is a bonanza of burner videos and we see pretty boys and girls singing Dr Suess rhymes as what brought them out there. That is what writings of fellow burners can bestow upon you.

Here are, in our humble opinion, the best Burner Blogs:

  1. Voices of Burning Man Blog [Web]
  2. Burn After Reading Magazine [Facebook] [Web]
  3. Burn Life [Web]

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

good : the blogs listed above have been really true to the mission of the playa. While this is only a limited list of good ones out there that is not to say there are not others. These are just the noteworthy ones really deserving your read.

bad :  there once was a child who was really sweet, but someone spoiled the little brat. Some time ago Queer Burners published a post about other blogs.  The web site Burners.Me was once a platform of one person who raised a lot of dust; not in the good way. Well, after some serious bounce back that person supposedly went away but another took over with even more noise and rancor. So much so even a usually quiet FOUNDER of Burning Man came out swinging against him. Burners.Me was the good blog that threw itself on a sharp object and never recovered.

the ugly : the ugly side was pretty clear. But was is also ugly is when something good goes away. One of those jewels we lost was BurnCast.tv that saw it’s last post in 2012. 2012 was a transitional year. We have those points along the way that are milestones of change.


This is such a limited list of voices out there. Even a google search kept looping me back to a few. The Borg has done a great job marketing The Voices of Burning Man and they are really great posts. What are you favs? (Comment Below)

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