Jan 16th News Letter

It is indeed time for people to start polishing up their burner gear and 10 Principles and get ready for 2017 “Radical Ritual”. But before that the “All Of Us event” is heating up and people are getting excited and there are many questions.

Question about All Of Us

There is some confusion on tickets. So few people are taking advantage of the discount mail code for being on this mailing list. We are sorry about that and encourage you to go directly to the Eventbrite page for ticket details.

All the small finished cabins have been taken. The Dormitory rooms (there are 4) are available and we may be able to add some additional places in the Main Sale starting Feb 1st.

An aerial view of Upper Lake, CA where www.saratogasprings.com is located. There is amazing hiking and other amenities  at this beautiful location.

Discount: mailer25eb for $25

Regional Pages

There are multiple Queer Burner pages in various locations around the world. The community as a whole being, the primary sources of community involvement should be your OFFICIAL regional pages. but, there are a lot of places without those and some without clear inclusion for LGBTQ++ Burning Man participants.

Some Queer Burner Regional groups on Facebook are really active while others are more… somber. YOU can start a Facebook group with the Queer Burners moniker, any one can, just please be respectful and use the 10 Principles as your guiding light along with local needs.

Here is a list:

* denotes member created groups while the others were generated by the creator of Queer Burners. To see more on Queer Burners and our various resources and histories click this text. Something missing? Please let us know so we can fix it! …or add it.

What’s Happening

Here is our bi-weekly list of events and notices of things going on out there you should know about.

The Mechanics

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped keep this network thriving. As we get closer to event season there is room for more people to play in this garden. If you sign up on the Queer Burners web site and are verified, then you too can write posts and continue conversations relevant to the community at large. Thank you to so many of you.

Honorable Mention

Rebekah Waites who brought you the Church Trap in 2014 is working on the Singularity Project that will make it to Burning Man in 2018. Be sure and check her amazing project out. And see the 2017 projects listed by QB members from the previous email by clicking here.

All Of Us Ticketing concerns

When the ticketing was set up in Eventbrite it was clear that there was no single or flat rate to put them on. There are a variety of accommodations and spaces for people to stay so they were translated to the Eventbrite app as best as possible. You are best to go directly to Eventbrite to get the details on the event ticketing.

  • A majority of the cabins have been sold out!

We have had some feedback about some complexity in the selections. There is mostly Tenting / RV or Camper camping spots left. We also have the dormitory which is four rooms above the dining hall.

We may well open the two cabins and sell the room individually unless someone wants to buy the whole large cabins.

What can the All Of Us team do better for you and get you tickets?

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Jan 2nd News Letter: Copy

It is with excitement and anticipation that we march into 2017 in spite of national politics and the passing of so many great voices and entertainers in 2016. AND we announce the opening of ticket sales for “All Of Us” 2017, formerly known as the Queer Burner Retreat.


All Of Us will be held at www.saratogasprings.com in Upper Lake, California for 5 days and 4 nights in the great beauty that is the northern California woods. It is about the same driving distance as Groundswell. While we will miss the lovely and inspiring land of Groundswell, this new location can handle a larger population and is just as beautiful.

Yes, we are expanding by offering more value with stronger leadership. We have built an experience unlike any other for LGBTQ+ Burning Man participants and our allies.

Join us on Memorial Day Weekend for a new level of amazing!


Burning Man Ticket Sales

As predicted, in the days before the December Holidays, Burning Man announced it’s theme and then the ticket schema. They are primed for an early sale to raise funds for the artist supported projects through the Burning Man Arts Grants (also announced in December). Some have asked why are there tickets at this price point? There are those eager to go to Burning Man at any price. There are those who are zealots for the cause. Either way, this is partially how grants make their way to artists.

Queer Burner Artists for 2017

There are some special projects we are already excited to see unfolding. Please help support these artists through sharing their gifts to the community or helping to fund/support their campaigns.

2017 The Get Down

The Get Down is a conceptual art installation hoping to find its way to Black Rock City and the 2017 Burning Man Festival. If you are interested in reading more about the project, would like to keep up on our progress, or would like to become a crew member, please join us and help this dream become a reality.


The Journey

We are a group of friends and artists experienced with Burning Man culture. We will bring a large scale art project, known as The Journey in 2017.


Leadership in 2017

Rumor has it that the Burning Man Org is inviting more people to the Global Leadership Conference for 2017, that is direct from a top Burning Man source. According to other bmorg staff in 2016 at the same conference, there is a strong desire to open up this inspiring event to more participants.

But, what else for 2017? Beside the “All Of Us” event replacing the Queer Burner Retreat, there is talk of a Queer Burner Leadership Summit as well. And finally, a faction has proposed a post-Burning Man event at Groundswell that looks like a great idea as well but has not been firmed up as of yet.

As for All Of Us we have a strong team creating the project that started meeting in October. Each meeting is like a onion revealing new and exciting miraculous layers. We are still looking for people for parts that will be played in the coming weeks. To sign up fill out this form.

  • Choreographer
  • Stage Manager
  • Gate Manager
  • Rangers
  • Workshop Leads

Very grateful for Ranger Kickstand for leading the Ranger portion of our event and leading a discussion about Mental Health and self care on the playa. To those who have stepped up including Phoenix from QueerCouplesCenter.com who is a licensed psychotherapist who will be also lending  hand with a workshop.

What Else about All Of Us?

It is all very exciting and our Education Manager is Papasmurf from Camp Proper. He and Toaster have been working together to start a program of educational and fun things for diversions at the event. One direction is to focus on mental and physical health. We are looking for programs for newbies that introduce the 10 Principles and burner life inside and outside the trash fence. Stay Tuned:

Upcoming Events:

The Mechanics

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped keep this network thriving. As we get closer to event season there is room for more people to play in this garden. If you sign up on the Queer Burners web site and are verified, then you too can write posts and continue conversations relevant to the community at large. Thank you to so many of you.

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