Indian Burning Man?

I saw this post by accident when I went looking for camps with people from India. It was written by Chip Connelly, or better he was referred and revered in it. It talks about a festival in India that mirrors Burning Man in many ways. I thought I would share it here though I never have been. Just seemed like something to … share.

This is the same guy who got a lot of trouble with his pug and play camp at Burning Man that went so badly I think.

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“The most obvious commonality is that these two festivals require a gargantuan effort to create a temporary tent village. The logistics and commitment of volunteers to create Burning Man for 60,000 people in the inhospitable high desert is mind-boggling. And, we’re proud to say that on Burning Man’s peak night, Black Rock City (the name of the Burning Man village) is the third most populous city in the state of Nevada. But, that’s child’s play compared to Kumbh Mela which, on the most auspicious bathing period, welcomes approximately 30 million people on that day alone, made it the most populous city on earth on February 10. And, since the Mela is lasting 55 days this year, as compared to a week and a half for Burning Man, the number of visitors over the course of that time is estimated to be as much as 100 million devotees.”

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