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Just a guy who loves doing some cool things with cool people. Yes, I am the dude that started this site but I do not want to be the lone ranger on it. Please post relevant stuff, too. You have to be logged in to do it.

I live in San Francisco. I moved to this city (sigh) in 2010 from Vegas. I was born in the Vegas burner community (not vaginally speaking) where I was enveloped in the culture in 2008.

Enjoy the site and say his to that someone you want to.

My personal journal is where I also talk about my personal Burning Man experiences and share pretty much everything.

Hit me up if you feel like connecting. Namaste baby!

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Burning Man Experience

2009 Evolution, my virgin year; camped at 7:00 & Esplanade in Sin City/ 2010


2010 Metropilis I camped at 5:30 & A in Journeys also brought my first art piece to Burning Man called Monotropolis (seen on – heavily involved in the Burner culture; also manage and


2011 Rite of Passage will be an interesting year as I bring an ambitions project to the playa. My original plans look like they are changing so my goals are just not set yet.


2012 Fertility 2.0 was with Area 69 for the second year in a row. It was a year filled with some real drama and over the topness. Alas, it was a great year of transition where the glitter was washed from my eyes and still manage to be passionate about this TTITD.


2013 Cargo Cult, 2014 Caravansary and 2015 Carnival of Mirrors – all leading the theme camp Sun Guardians ( Will be leading it once again for 2016, but keep thinking this will be my last year at the same level I have been running. Woot!



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I have read the above and will comple. This is the focus of the site… LGBTQ Burning Man experience which is radically inclusive.

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Super hot panty burner burner!


Thunder Dome

What would you do?

you get undressed and sit across the way showing your own assets.

What would you do - 2?

walk over and sit next to this person and admire the art.

One LAST what would you do?

rush inside and take a seat!!!

Stuff to do at Burning Man I might do:

At Burning Man I would like to:

Get my ass smacked at the Booby Bar or at Playfully Yours… oh baby!, Dance until I can't walk anymore in the District or Opulent Temple., Check out as many art installations as I can for instpiration., Check out the many nude yoga classes., Attend a drawing workshop at Comfort & Joy., Find some kind of spiritual centerdness., Hug, love, interract with as many real human beingas as possible., have coffee with someone sweet and sexy at center camp; naked or clothed.

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