The all new News Page attempts to filter “Burning Man” specific stories from a Google feed and it is reasonable accurate in it’s delivery. I will continue to add stories and video at the top of this site for your consumption!

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  • EDM Identity

    At the debut edition of Origins, Arizona local Sean Watson sat down with us to discuss the Phoenix scene, being at Burning Man, and what the future holds!

  • The Kozweek

    In Odessa, established the art-object “Love” and is illuminated to him. The installation was an exact copy of the sculpture from the Burning Man festival. This was ...

  • Princeton Alumni Weekly

    Kate Greenberg '10 first attended Burning Man in 2015 just to see what all the hype was all about.

  • Pacific Standard

    Midburn is the fastest-growing regional Burning Man in the world. Participants say it is precisely because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that it has become so ...

  • The Daily Beast

    LIVERMORE, California—Tom Price took a leap of faith the weekend after the Camp fire broke out to deliver his camp trailer to someone who lost their home.

  • ArchDaily

    Architecture as a profession today struggles with questions of relevance, with core questions surrounding the issue of whether it can create cultural...

  • Forbes

    Augmented Reality meets the Selfie museum in this unique real life experience.

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