Update Banner for All Of Us Event 2017

An updated version of the All Of Us event banner for 2017. This has become so exciting I can hardly believe it. With good people involved the whole things is evolving into a major thing. We have great artists, performers and makers of music all making magic.

I write this in awe of what people can do together as a team and when it is the RIGHT people. As many projects I have done in the burnerverse this one hits home the hardest because it has born the most fruit. Why? Because this mission I have always put out there for Queer Burners is community and networking in the community. Because LGBTQ people (that is ALL the letters in the acronym and beyond) are not willing to be marginalized and simply sewn into the background. We flourish and demand to be seen.

There is so much we can learn from each other. I joined Burning Man and stayed in the community to better my relationship with women. That was actually something that I set as a goal for myself about a decade ago. It was a woman friend of mine who turned me on to this whole community.

Since then, having moved to San Francisco, I have grown a lot. I have fucked up a lot. But I have developed very special relationships with people who in the “real” world I might never have got to know, tried to know, or seen. I have a lot of gender queer, non-confirming and trans people in my life that are … (I just cannot say how much those people have touched my soul).

There are no words or actions I can make to prove how much I am blessed because of you. I write it here… but I hope I can show it better in my actions every day. If I fuck up give me a chance to make it right.

To those amazing supportive makers who have helped along the way… thank you with all my heart. To those who have been there and are still there but have taken a back seat, thank you too.

Thank you… now let’s all make some more magic!

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