2015: Carnival of Mirrors

This year’s theme is about mirrors and masks, mazes and merger. It will be a kind of magic show that takes the form of an old-fashioned carnival. This Carnival of Mirrors asks three essential questions: within our media-saturated world, where products and people, consumption and communion morph into an endlessly diverting spectacle, who is the trickster, who is being tricked, and how might we discover who we really are?


Well, 2015's Carnival of Mirrors came and went and it was fantastic. 

Carnival of Mirrors featured a Midway that was as superb as the Souk from last year, showing that Burning Man is working on elevating the features of the-man experience. If this is the working model moving forward it certainly brings a greater sense of excitement to the event. It’s very marketable.

Highlights from the Queer Burners historical archives:

Camp Directory 2015

Name Address Taking Apps Placement Link Theme
Queer BAAAHS Village*    Ukn P Facebook Art Car / DJ Collective
Queer Diva Nation*   Unk BAAAHS/V    
Queer Meowtown   Unk BAAAHS/V    
Queer Mack Hookup Truck**   Unk BAAAHS/V    
Queer Adult Play Space*   Unk BAAAHS/V    
Queer BloAsis Village*  7:30 & D Ukn P Facebook Runway / Bar
Mixed Wiener Zoo & Pussy Aquarium*   Unk BloAsis/V Facebook  
Queer Bearin’ Oasis*   Unk BloAsis/V    
Mixed Camp Rainblow Fishy*   Unk BloAsis/V    
Mixed The Dead Pirates*   Unk BloAsis/V    
Mixed Gaylactic Invaders Village (GIV) 8:15 & D Yes P    Bar / Aerialists
Queer Homojitoville*   Yes (GIV) / V  Facebook  
Mixed Cirque du so Gay*   Yes (GIV) / V    
Mixed Om Bindi*   Yes (GIV) / V    
Mixed Time to Burn*   Yes (GIV) / V    
Queer Comfort & Joy Village (C&J)*  8:00 & D Yes P Facebook / Web Nightclub / Chill Space / Sex+
Queer Pink Gym*     C&J / V Facebook Gym
Queer Camp Montage     C&J / V   Art
Queer Camp Realness*     C&J / V    
Queer Water Boys*     C&J / V    
Queer Tatza Habba*     C&J / V    
Queer Dust Bunnies*     C&J / V    
Mixed Celestial Bodies* 7:30 & D Unk P Facebook / Web Bar
Mixed Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience* 7:45 & F Unk P Facebook Coffee Service
Queer Dickstracted* 7:45 & D Unk P Facebook  
Queer Camp Conception* 7 & D Yes P Facebook Nightclub / Art
Queer Sun Guardians* 7 & D Yes P Facebook / Web Temple / Yoga
Queer Mudskippers Urban Decay Cafe* 7:15 & D Yes P Facebook Smoothies
Queer Down Low Club*  7:45 & D Unk P Facebook Playspace / Sex+
Queer AstroPups*  6:45 & D No P Facebook  
Queer Glamcocks*  7:30 & D No P Facebook / Web Nightclub
Queer Camp Beaverton*  7:45 & D Yes P Facebook / Web Classes / Safe Place / Sex+
Queer Gender Blender*  7:45 & D Yes P Facebook Events / Safe Place / support
Queer Burner Buddies*  4:30 & J Yes P Facebook Hairy, Hung, Naked
Queer Bïërdhäüs*  7:15 & D Ukn P Facebook Hot Bearded Men
Queer Yes, Please*   No P Facebook Chill space / Sex+
Queer Milk & Honey 7:15 & D   P    
Queer Disco Chateau* 3:30 & D   P Facebook  
Queer Camp Harmony*  7:45 & D  Unk P   Sexy Dungeon
Queer/Sober Run Free Camp*  7:15 & C Yes P Facebook AA Meetings
Queer/Sober Camp Stella*  7:15 & D Yes P Facebook AA Meetings
Mixed Hanging Gardens* 6:45 & D Unk P Facebook  
Mixed Paradise Motel* 7:45 & D No P Facebook / Web Daytime Snow Cones / DJs
Mixed Petersons Pink Pagoda (PPP)* 3:30 & RR Yes P Facebook  
Mixed Camp Get Nailed* 6:45 & B Yes P    
QueerFr Dilated Peoples Eye Spa   No P Facebook Eye Wash
QueerFr AstroCats*  6:45 & D P U    
QueerFr Sukkat Shalom   Unk P Facebook  
QueerFr Poly Paradise*   Unk P    
QueerFr Orphan Endorphin*  7 & A Yes P Facebook Bar