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It is the mission of the Queer Burners project to provide resources for the participants of Burning Man who are LGBTQ++ and strengthen the bonds between camps, their leaders and the health and well being of the Gayborhood. To engage, educate, support and promote the very special spark we provide and uphold the 10 principles through actions and enculturation.

QB Network Numbers

One of our claims is an audience of 5000 on our network. While many have opted in and signed up in one form or another many are accessing the free resources on the web site on a daily basis. That number is a wide reaching number based on the engagement of our social networking and … Read more

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Indian Burning Man?

I saw this post by accident when I went looking for camps with people from India. It was written by Chip Connelly, or better he was referred and revered in it. It talks about a festival in India that mirrors Burning Man in many ways. I thought I would share it here though I never … Read more

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Launched!!!! A Campaign…

Well, there ya go. Our fund raising campaign for 2015 launched this morning and we are asking burners all over the place to help us out. The goals is to make this project more but setting the bar higher and creating new means of developing community. We are not looking to segregate our LGBTQ++ participants, … Read more

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What’s up with Queer Burners?

We are gearing up for some new changes and also trying to make the site more dynamic and interactive for the 2015 season moving forward. We are so excited about the Carnival of Mirrors theme and what Burning Man has predicted with the upcoming event. The new Midway… if it is anything like the Souk … Read more

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It’s getting steamy out there! NEW DATES!!!

According to Twitter Handle @DaysToTheBurn we are 271 Days from when the Man Burns at Carnival of Mirrors. While it is usually about this time people get excited the reasons are different this time: No Christmas pre-sale; while there was not one in 2013 either it is also a time when people start seeing tickets … Read more

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SNARK sucks… but I digress

Seems like the only time I just in is when something is going on that just makes me feel really upset about the way the burning man community is heading. On that note… these dramas are always temporary. If someone does not have something to bitch about then life is not worth living??? I hate … Read more

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The last word on Plug n Play (PnP) Camps

Burning Man posted 2 items on this subject this week giving us the defining and final decision on the subject. It is something that many members of the community have been up in arms about because to many – the existence of these camps appeared to be in direct opposition to the 10 Principles we … Read more

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2015 Burning Man Theme: Carnival of Mirrors

The new theme was announced on Burning Man’s new web site www [dot] Burning Man [dot] Org today! The new site is a great leap from the [dot] Com site which is still around. While on first review the web site looked a little incomplete on a more complete review found it much more modern … Read more

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2015 Camps listed?

Are you kidding me with this already? Yes, today I posted the 2015 Camps List without knowing who the heck was going in the first place. The truth is that I was just doing some pre footwork by accumulating a list of camps that I know about and will edit the list as we get … Read more

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Ruining Burning Man? WTF?

What is really ruining Burning Man? Is it being ruined at all? Every year there is a new source to blame. The position from this Admin (Toaster) is that Plug-n-Play camps are bad for burner culture. It is Commondification and those people cannot seem to grasp 10 Principles thinking. Yes, this is a blanket statement … Read more

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