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Queer Burners [dot] Com started at the end of 2008 and is dedicated to networking LGBTQ++ burners and making the Gayborhood a strong, safe and cherished tradition at Burning Man. We have leadership programs under Quire. We also have almost any resource or link for all those things you could want for your best experience on and off the playa.

2015 Burning Man Theme: Carnival of Mirrors

The new theme was announced on Burning Man’s new web site www [dot] Burning Man [dot] Org today! The new site is a great leap from the [dot] Com site which is still around. While on first review the web site looked a little incomplete on a more complete review found it much more modern … Read more

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2015 Camps listed?

Are you kidding me with this already? Yes, today I posted the 2015 Camps List without knowing who the heck was going in the first place. The truth is that I was just doing some pre footwork by accumulating a list of camps that I know about and will edit the list as we get … Read more

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Ruining Burning Man? WTF?

What is really ruining Burning Man? Is it being ruined at all? Every year there is a new source to blame. The position from this Admin (Toaster) is that Plug-n-Play camps are bad for burner culture. It is Commondification and those people cannot seem to grasp 10 Principles thinking. Yes, this is a blanket statement … Read more

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Immediacy and Impermanence

[This post is part of the 10 Principles blog series, an ongoing exploration of the history, philosophy and dynamics of Burning Man's 10 Principles in Black Rock City and around the world. We welcome your voice in the conversation.] Posted by Rosalie Fay Barnes There have been some recent losses in our community — suicides and accidents — … Read more

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Is Burning Man getting too Gay?

The message that Burning Man started off with, the 10 Principles, are the same thing the LGBTQ community has sought from the world at-large as long as many of us have been alive. When a group of San Francisco based hippies are screaming it we believe it because the bay area has been the voice … Read more

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BRC Honoraria Art Grants — New Process for 2015!

Burning Man Arts — the new department combining the Black Rock City Art Department with the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) — will launch a new online system in mid-November designed to make it easier for artists to apply for honoraria grants for art destined for Black Rock City. Read the complete original article here … Read more

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QB Leadership

Our community is expansive. We are part of the Burning Man community and by the latest numbers it appears to be somewhere around 66,000 people who show up in the desert and up to 200,000 around the world. Where does leadership come into play with these numbers The Borg : The Burning Man Organization who … Read more

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Art Beyond Burning Man – Making, Thinking, Understanding

Building art for Burning Man always seemed to be part of my yearly cycle. I love what I have been a part of creating in Black Rock City; I have grown up and cut my teeth building art out on that remarkable desert canvas. Over the last several years, though, I’ve found myself bringing more … Read more

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Dispatches from Burning Man

In less than a week, over 70,000 people will converge on a dry lake bed in Northwestern Nevada to create Black Rock City, which hosts the festival known as Burning Man. Founded on the principle of radical self-expression, it’s natural that it would attract more than its share of folks who identify as queer. I … Read more

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2014 Census Results

In the 2013 post census report there was a radically different report when it came to LGBTQ++ people who attended Burning Man. It was more detailed than previous years, but one of the most notable factors was that queer presence was growing. Not everyone wants to be associated with the gayborhood. In fact, there are … Read more

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