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*this site is a private project for people who are LGBTQ++ and friends who are participants in the Burning Man experience and lifestyle.
This is not an official site of the Burning Man organization and is run by community participation.

What happens at Burning Man, stays at Burning Man:

Taken from the pages of Queerty in a lovely article linked here. So, fun story time. Burning Man is a weird place. Someone (as a prank) put up a bunch of flyers that read, “Tantric Blowjob Workshop, males needed due to overwhelming female response. 1 pm, 3pm, and 6pm daily.” They had the address to … Read more…

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Stories of 1st Year

What was your first year at Burning Man like? Following up our week of Acculturation posts lets see what some people experienced on their blogs out there: Bored Panda Posted this: Here Last year I attended my first Burning Man festival and had the most insane time of my life. I have never been surrounded … Read more…

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Admin Note: Discussing about Acculturation

In the last few days we talked a little about Acculturation and the way it was written on the playajoy.org web site resonates with me a lot. This being my eighth year in the community I am struck by the perceived vacuum of understanding Burning Man culture when engaging people out of context; e.g. when … Read more…

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Acculturation in 2015

I think most people will agree that over the last 28 (or so) years the thing that started off as Burning Man has evolved into something else. The word “festival” is used more than it should. Does not matter if it meets the definition of festival or not, people who made this a lifestyle balk … Read more…

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Making Acculturation sexy (through Submission)

Definition: Ac·cul·tur·a·tion 1. A process by which the culture of an isolated society changes on contact with a different one. 2. A process by which a person acquires the culture of the society that he/she inhabits. Remember your first time at Burning Man, finally seeing everything you’d been hearing about? Well, if a picture is … Read more…

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