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Queer Burners was started in 2008 in an effort to create a network for LGBTQ Burning Man participants to network with each other when not at Burning Man. It is also a good way for other LGBTQ people looking to participate to get more involved with other groups that already are out there creating and innovating a life-style that is naturally attractive to queer people to our own.

Burning Man’s 10 Principle are really the foundation of for all things in and around the community irregardless of sexual orientation or identity. The wording of these tenants speak to marginalized people most directly because they are probably everything we wanted from society that we have not had. Being out and proud is not a luxury we all have.

The web site is for the community. Queer Burners has no authority over the Gayborhood nor is it an officially sanctioned channel of communication or organization by Burning Man, LLC, Burning Man Project, or any other official channel. This is a grass roots project guided by camp leaders and a project admin with help from some amazing people. All of whom can be reached via the contact form.

Our Mission is developing Community & Leadership through participation. Make your next stop our additional resources pager here: Queerdos & Burning Man.

Articles and Posts

Below are posting from the site. These are articles and community information you might find useful. Use the Tags and Categories at the footer to help locate anything on this site that might be useful. Thanks for checking us out.

The Future of Queer Burners

Happy New Year Queerdos. Welcome to 2020, the roaring twenties part deaux! I am reaching out to everyone asking about the future of Queer Burners, it’s children pages and Facebook groups, and the Queerborhood. What does the community want from leadership? What do you want from Burning Man? Back in 2016 a group of LGBTQ … Read more…

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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

Here we are going into a new calendar year! In the year 2020 some of say it is a year of new focus and direction for those who can see. The things we are working toward are coming into focus. And for those of us who have counted on our community to grow stronger it … Read more…

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Why AOU2019 failed to launch

For the past 4 years from 2015 to 2018 Queer Burners / Scott K (Me) created an event with the goal of building bridges in our community. Before that for 3 or 4 years there was the Queer Burner Leadership events that also tried to do the same. Queer Burners has been a conduit of … Read more…

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Queer Caucus: Community Meeting

LGBTQ leadership from the Queerborhood met at The Box Factory on Wednesday the 28th of November. There were about 50 attendees in person and between 6 to 10 approximately on the remote connection via ZOOM. We received an outline from BMorg (Placement) as the meeting was part of a larger initiative that Placement is taking … Read more…

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2016 Survey Data: Reapplied

In 2016 we published a Survey Monkey questionnaire once we were contact by BM Placement. Some of us in leadership were being asked to meet with them in an effort to discover why there were so many applications for the 7:30 sector over other parts of the city. Were these LGBTQ camps seeking to be … Read more…

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