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YOU FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE! This is Queer Burners [dot] Com, home of the best resource for LGBTQ people who are participants in the ideology behind Burning Man and the culture; we are NOT affiliated or officially connected to the Burning Man Project. This is an independent project seeking to build in the Queer Culture of Burning Man as the bridges we can build to the community as a whole.

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This is a community page and we honor the principles of Burning Man. Participate. Create. Embrace.

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It had occurred to me that there is at times a lack of balance with some of the things we involve ourselves within the community (Burner community). As a blogger here on this site and others I have been very critical of BMorg on those occasions; they do make it so very easy. I will […]

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Mainstreaming the Culture

One cannot go to Burning Man, as a queer person, and not see there is a large LGBT presence if you are looking for it. In 2011 Huffington Post writer and blogger Oscar Raymundo (@OscarRaymundo on Twitter) made some awkward observations in an article he posted way back when. One side of the coin: Not […]

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Critical thinking….

This author has thrown a lot of jabs at BMorg and has lobbed quite a few compliments as well, so I think it has been pretty balanced. Alas, while critical feedback has come right back for a variety of reasons I stood tall with feet planted in the ground defending the ideology behind my Queer […]

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2014 Tickets: a la Burning Man

Let’s be honest, you better start preparing for your upcoming ticket purchase for Burning Man 2014: __ (unnamed entity) ___. The last few years has been absolutely hell with ticket purchasing. Here are a few heads up, a couple gripes, and a hint or two about making it easier to get your tickets. 2011 ticketing […]

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Trip Report: SPARK Movie

Yesterday I went to see “SPARK” in San Francisco at the Roxie Theater where it is showing on Saturday and Sunday at 4:30pm.   And, just a recommendation, right around the corner is Puerto Allegre with some seriously good Mexican food! I cried through half of the movie as I saw an amalgamation of 5 years […]

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One thought on “Welcome Home”

  1. What a great year. So many fun activities. So much amazing energy shared and above all always amazing to burn with you all. Till next year!

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LGBTQS: Radically Inclusive


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