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Queer Burners [dot] Com started at the end of 2008 and is dedicated to networking LGBTQ++ burners and making the Gayborhood a strong, safe and cherished tradition at Burning Man. We have leadership programs under Quire. We also have almost any resource or link for all those things you could want for your best experience on and off the playa.

Dispatches from Burning Man

In less than a week, over 70,000 people will converge on a dry lake bed in Northwestern Nevada to create Black Rock City, which hosts the festival known as Burning Man. Founded on the principle of radical self-expression, it’s natural that it would attract more than its share of folks who identify as queer. I … Read more

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2014 Census Results

In the 2013 post census report there was a radically different report when it came to LGBTQ++ people who attended Burning Man. It was more detailed than previous years, but one of the most notable factors was that queer presence was growing. Not everyone wants to be associated with the gayborhood. In fact, there are … Read more

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Plug and Play & Other Bad Things

There has been a lot of talk about things that went down at Burning Man in 2014 that people got fired up about. The big noise has been the value of Plug and Play (PnP) camps at Burning Man and how they (generally speaking) have failed to comprehend the 10 Principles. The MOOP map this … Read more

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Coming Together in Hard Times

There have been a lot of high profile deaths in the Burning Man community and when we see people grieving it is hard to know where to take those feelings. The death of a regional community member has an impact. It can be devastating. Please know you are not alone! There are Black Rock City … Read more

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Ello? Is this the answer for Facebook?

It’s not just jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to the #mynameis movement sweeping Facebook with drag performers and other people trying to use pseudonyms on social media. No! Facebook has been cheating our community for a long time. Queer Burners on Facebook has had a Page for as many years as it has … Read more

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MOOP: the word of the week

Burning Man calls out a camp on one of the first renditions of the MOOP Map published on their blog and it is spawning a lot of discussions that are very important for the future of Burning Man. Is Burning Man devolving into a Coachella? Oh, that there is still icing for that cake! MOOP: … Read more

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What is your decompression? Starting from the moment of Exodus in anticipation of that 6 to 8 hour wait to get to 447? Seeing Gerlach ahead, the steaming hot springs in the tall grass along the road, a dead Gypsum Mine in the distance? The Default World was just ahead, past the curve in the … Read more

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Queer Camps Directory

The Queer Camps list have been updated. With some reservation there are things about it that I struggled with when making it. The camps listed were from any list of any year I made in the past, BUT the landscape changes quite a bit: not all the camps listed identify as queer I know very … Read more

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Queer Burner History Updated

One of our projects for 2014 pre-burn was to write a detailed history about LGBT Burners and how the Gayborhood came into creation. Along with it is some sordid history with the BMorg. It is all very illuminating and we find that some of those people who started the earliest incarnations of the Gayborhood in … Read more

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The site is undergoing a bit of a fluffing right now and you may have noticed some significant changes. In order to get more viable mobile access the group features and membership side had to be dropped for now. All the information is right here for you to see. Members can still sign on and … Read more

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