Feb 2017 P2 News Letter

Happy everything community… Valentines Day, Black History Month and of course we are still recovering from the #Bowling Green Massacre… right? Thank you to everyone who has given input recently and helped make the site and the network stronger. We have a new Queer Burners regional page started by a local burner in the Midwest! Hazah! Check out Midwest Queer Burners and get a complete list of all Queer Burner Resources by clicking this link here [click].

What happen to the Queer Burners GROUP? It was renamed this week to LGBTQ Burners Social Network World Wide because it was confusing for some people on the Queer Burners Facebook PAGE. Technology has finally allowed us to make the change to differentiate.

  • LGBTQ Burners Network: your place to share community stuff
  • Queer Burners Page: more for admin announcements etc…

The network is stronger because of you. Thank you!!!

In this issue of the monthly news letter:

  • All Of Us Update
  • Burning Man Ticket Sales
  • 2017 Queer Camps List
  • Events
  • The Mechanics: How this email works


All Of Us Update

Tickets sales for the long weekend event have been fantastic and steady. We are excited to see our goals in site and on the right path. It is highly probable we could sell out again this year. We encourage diversity again this year and will work to make sure you are represented and present at this one of a kind event.

All Of Us Event is the-only-event-of-it’s-kind in the world. It is aimed at LGBTQ and our allies with the foundation of the 10 principles. We want, more than anything, for everyone to feel safe and self expressive with people that feel the same.

In the coming days we will be announcing party themes, workshops and some amazing classes featuring the body and mind… so exciting!!!!

Stay tuned and follow the event on Facebook at All Of Us Event and Twitter @allofus

Burning Man Ticket Sales

Well, they are starting really soon! THE ONLY SOURCE of information for ticket sales is the ticket sales web site. Period. Go to tickets.burningman.org … why, because something really fucking important is happening now:

2017 Queer Burners Camp List

The list is taking shape and camps are seriously gearing up to get ready for “Radical Ritual” Burning Man 2017. Do not be one of those people who wait til the last minute to commit because you WILL be left out. Check out the 2017 Queer Burners Page on our web site. 


This is a list of events we know about:

Submit your events for the news letter in the link below.

The Mechanics

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped keep this network thriving. As we get closer to event season there is room for more people to play in this garden. If you sign up on the Queer Burners web site and are verified, then you too can write posts and continue conversations relevant to the community at large. Thank you to so many of you.

Feb 2017 News Letter

Hi everyone!!! Queer Burners is a platform for LGBTQ++ and our allies to meet and share more diverse resources based on the needs of a community we have fostered over time. The queer part of the city, no matter what it is called, is deeply important to some of us for reasons that include: safety, cohesion, social needs and maybe even more reasons. Why bring this up?

Like everything Burning Man related there has been a slow and steady evolution of resources and community. Do you have something to say about it? Would you like to write for or shape Queer Burners for the future? This platform is yours too. Sign up on Queer Burners and send Toaster a DM and let’s help make more magic.

In this issue of the monthly news letter:

  • All Of Us Update
  • Events
  • The Mechanics: How this email works


All Of Us Update

The Early Bird Sale is finished! And there are 36 tickets sold at a slightly discounted rate for early buyers. We are all very excited at the new venue and the potential with amazing artists and collaborators. All Of Us will be a distinctly memorable weekend.

We want YOU to be there. We know the ticket price might be a little steep for some people which is why we have a low income ticket application for a single person. Much more information will be coming out over social media in the coming weeks about the event: workshops, performers, activities and more.

The All Of Us Board is meeting on Feb 9th in central San Francisco. Soon, we will open the doors for a volunteer registry. People who buy special priced tickets are committing to volunteer roles. You will have a chance to choose or be assigned. Check it out!


This is a list of events we know about:

Submit your events for the news letter in the link below.

The Mechanics

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped keep this network thriving. As we get closer to event season there is room for more people to play in this garden. If you sign up on the Queer Burners web site and are verified, then you too can write posts and continue conversations relevant to the community at large. Thank you to so many of you.

Jan 16th News Letter

It is indeed time for people to start polishing up their burner gear and 10 Principles and get ready for 2017 “Radical Ritual”. But before that the “All Of Us event” is heating up and people are getting excited and there are many questions.

Question about All Of Us

There is some confusion on tickets. So few people are taking advantage of the discount mail code for being on this mailing list. We are sorry about that and encourage you to go directly to the Eventbrite page for ticket details.

All the small finished cabins have been taken. The Dormitory rooms (there are 4) are available and we may be able to add some additional places in the Main Sale starting Feb 1st.

An aerial view of Upper Lake, CA where www.saratogasprings.com is located. There is amazing hiking and other amenities  at this beautiful location.

Discount: mailer25eb for $25

Regional Pages

There are multiple Queer Burner pages in various locations around the world. The community as a whole being, the primary sources of community involvement should be your OFFICIAL regional pages. but, there are a lot of places without those and some without clear inclusion for LGBTQ++ Burning Man participants.

Some Queer Burner Regional groups on Facebook are really active while others are more… somber. YOU can start a Facebook group with the Queer Burners moniker, any one can, just please be respectful and use the 10 Principles as your guiding light along with local needs.

Here is a list:

* denotes member created groups while the others were generated by the creator of Queer Burners. To see more on Queer Burners and our various resources and histories click this text. Something missing? Please let us know so we can fix it! …or add it.

What’s Happening

Here is our bi-weekly list of events and notices of things going on out there you should know about.

The Mechanics

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped keep this network thriving. As we get closer to event season there is room for more people to play in this garden. If you sign up on the Queer Burners web site and are verified, then you too can write posts and continue conversations relevant to the community at large. Thank you to so many of you.

Honorable Mention

Rebekah Waites who brought you the Church Trap in 2014 is working on the Singularity Project that will make it to Burning Man in 2018. Be sure and check her amazing project out. And see the 2017 projects listed by QB members from the previous email by clicking here.

All Of Us Ticketing concerns

When the ticketing was set up in Eventbrite it was clear that there was no single or flat rate to put them on. There are a variety of accommodations and spaces for people to stay so they were translated to the Eventbrite app as best as possible. You are best to go directly to Eventbrite to get the details on the event ticketing.

  • A majority of the cabins have been sold out!

We have had some feedback about some complexity in the selections. There is mostly Tenting / RV or Camper camping spots left. We also have the dormitory which is four rooms above the dining hall.

We may well open the two cabins and sell the room individually unless someone wants to buy the whole large cabins.

What can the All Of Us team do better for you and get you tickets?

View Results

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Jan 2nd News Letter: Copy

It is with excitement and anticipation that we march into 2017 in spite of national politics and the passing of so many great voices and entertainers in 2016. AND we announce the opening of ticket sales for “All Of Us” 2017, formerly known as the Queer Burner Retreat.


All Of Us will be held at www.saratogasprings.com in Upper Lake, California for 5 days and 4 nights in the great beauty that is the northern California woods. It is about the same driving distance as Groundswell. While we will miss the lovely and inspiring land of Groundswell, this new location can handle a larger population and is just as beautiful.

Yes, we are expanding by offering more value with stronger leadership. We have built an experience unlike any other for LGBTQ+ Burning Man participants and our allies.

Join us on Memorial Day Weekend for a new level of amazing!


Burning Man Ticket Sales

As predicted, in the days before the December Holidays, Burning Man announced it’s theme and then the ticket schema. They are primed for an early sale to raise funds for the artist supported projects through the Burning Man Arts Grants (also announced in December). Some have asked why are there tickets at this price point? There are those eager to go to Burning Man at any price. There are those who are zealots for the cause. Either way, this is partially how grants make their way to artists.

Queer Burner Artists for 2017

There are some special projects we are already excited to see unfolding. Please help support these artists through sharing their gifts to the community or helping to fund/support their campaigns.

2017 The Get Down

The Get Down is a conceptual art installation hoping to find its way to Black Rock City and the 2017 Burning Man Festival. If you are interested in reading more about the project, would like to keep up on our progress, or would like to become a crew member, please join us and help this dream become a reality.


The Journey

We are a group of friends and artists experienced with Burning Man culture. We will bring a large scale art project, known as The Journey in 2017.


Leadership in 2017

Rumor has it that the Burning Man Org is inviting more people to the Global Leadership Conference for 2017, that is direct from a top Burning Man source. According to other bmorg staff in 2016 at the same conference, there is a strong desire to open up this inspiring event to more participants.

But, what else for 2017? Beside the “All Of Us” event replacing the Queer Burner Retreat, there is talk of a Queer Burner Leadership Summit as well. And finally, a faction has proposed a post-Burning Man event at Groundswell that looks like a great idea as well but has not been firmed up as of yet.

As for All Of Us we have a strong team creating the project that started meeting in October. Each meeting is like a onion revealing new and exciting miraculous layers. We are still looking for people for parts that will be played in the coming weeks. To sign up fill out this form.

  • Choreographer
  • Stage Manager
  • Gate Manager
  • Rangers
  • Workshop Leads

Very grateful for Ranger Kickstand for leading the Ranger portion of our event and leading a discussion about Mental Health and self care on the playa. To those who have stepped up including Phoenix from QueerCouplesCenter.com who is a licensed psychotherapist who will be also lending  hand with a workshop.

What Else about All Of Us?

It is all very exciting and our Education Manager is Papasmurf from Camp Proper. He and Toaster have been working together to start a program of educational and fun things for diversions at the event. One direction is to focus on mental and physical health. We are looking for programs for newbies that introduce the 10 Principles and burner life inside and outside the trash fence. Stay Tuned:

Upcoming Events:

The Mechanics

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped keep this network thriving. As we get closer to event season there is room for more people to play in this garden. If you sign up on the Queer Burners web site and are verified, then you too can write posts and continue conversations relevant to the community at large. Thank you to so many of you.

12/16 Queer Burners News Letter

All Of Us Announced Today!!!!!

The All Of Us Event for 2017 is the new version of the Queer Burner Retreat from 2015 and 2016 Memorial Day Weekend and tickets will start going in sale soon! We have a new venue and added a bunch of amazing people to an already amazing production team. Check out these links for all the information:

Early Bird Sales for lower priced tickets will be Jan 1 to Jan 30 only. This 5 day / 4 night event will be a much bigger, better production that in previous years. Check out all the amenities listed on our Eventbrite or Web Site links. Or visit http://www.saratogasprings.com

Happy New Year! Happy Holidays!

Burning Man announced the 2017 theme as “RADICAL RITUAL” and it could be very exciting. There are so many directions that this can go to celebrate and revel in our Burner Community at large  as much as our Queer sector of the city. Radical Ritual is not necessarily a religious thing, it could be a mating ritual, a rites of passage (wait, they did that one), a giant quinceanera, a bar mitzvah, and so many more celebrations and ceremonies and beginnings and endings.

Queer Burners

Queer Burners is a community driven platform for LGBT Burning Man participants to network and connect anywhere in the world. The sole purpose is to help generate a safe place for people to network and build relationships that people can feel safe with. Web Site / Twitter @queer_burners / Facebook

Facebook Group v. Page

So why if there a Queer Burners Facebook PAGE …AND a Queer Burners Facebook GROUP? It might seem a bit confusing to most people and it has been asked a few times.

Once upon a time it was Facebook Page – Gay Burners but we changed it to Queer Burners in 2011’ish to be more inclusive. Then the GROUP was created initially to enhance the network and started with Queer Burners as social stream for the community and when we went back to change it Facebook said … “no”.

One of these days it will all be perfect. Facebook tools change all the time. So do their rules.

What’s Happening:

There is very little for outside the bay area on our mail list. Sorry about that, but please keep us posted with regional bad-ass things happening. We try and check regional pages to make sure we stay up on the what-what…

A little more business:

12/2 Queer Burners News Letter

Queer Burners is first about creating and fostering community and safe space for LGBTQAI+ people and our allies. We have a handful of leaders in the community that have united to help unite us all, while also fostering their individual group missions as well. Get engaged, be a part of making community a part of your life, at any level. This holiday season, step out of your bubble and do something extra for someone else completely selflessly.

All Of Us Event 2017

We have a whole production team working very hard on this event already. It is the third year for the Queer Burner Retreat now branded as the “All Of Us” Event. In our next news letter there will be some seriously HUGE news so stay tuned. Check out the Facebook Group to get announcements. Yes, we have kept it pretty quiet for now, but that is about to change. We have Instagram and Twitter accounts for this event. Social Media #allofusevent2017

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We are blessed to be able to do what we do in our lives and that many of us get to experience such love and support so generously. All those FREE HUGS signs and dusty smiles mean so much. This year a lot of people have been attacked with cancer, depression, and many other medical and life issues that drain the soul. All we can do is try and be present by listening, by delivering when we can, and by being supportive to make sure we know these loved ones are not alone. Some shed tears outside, some shed them inside, but seen or unseen they are vanquished often with one of those precious hugs or acknowledgements. Love & Light to you all.

Some Updates on Stories:

Gay Pride at Burning Man: BRC Pride Group on Facebook : Queer Burners Article
A community leader offered some great feedback on this issue on the Queer Burners Group and hopefully this will be an ongoing discussion. Linked Here

Where are you at? A Queer Burner asks where people are at in the world? Check out this poll pinned to the top of  this page: Linked Here

Thank you everyone who bought t-shirts last month. We raised $25.00 that was posted to the Go Fund Me for Kitten. Saw Kitten at Thanksgiving and it was such a joy!

Check out Queer Burner T-Shirts and help us keep the lights on!

What’s on Calendar

11/16 News Letter

To get this news letter in your mail box sign in at the bottom of the page. There is a form in the footer to get on the mailing list. Everyone who signs up on the web site is automatically added to the list.


How exciting it is that 2016 is finally coming to an end. Politics…. media non-sense… now we can look ahead to the holiday season and enjoy family and friends. People in the U.S. are getting ready for a very prolific holiday (especially this year) called Thanksgiving. This is when we take a moment to stop and evaluate the things we are genuinely thankful for. We focus on the positive and the genuine. The 11th Principle: Gratitude.

We made a t-shirt for our community to share and encourage personal strength the leadership in the community. The money derived from this sale will only go to support Queer Burner properties like the web site, patches and stickers. BUT THIS TIME: we will donate all proceeds of this shirt through the end of the year to:

Community Shout Out: Kitten from Comfort & Joy

One of the early supporters of Queer Burners and a #queerburnerperson who played an important role in the community is trying to make himself a new life. Please help us send some love and support. ALL UNITE T-SHIRT SALES WILL GO TO KITTEN’s GoFundMe. But you can donate directly to:

Upcoming Events to Note

The “All Of Us” Event 2016 is about to be announced. You can still be part of the machine that makes it all work. We have just started meeting and have some great roles to fill. Some of our leads need helpers and many more roles. This is an unofficial regional style event with a remarkable new management team working with the old one to bring something super amazing. Fill out this form (link) to talk to the leads about joining in. A volunteer sheet will be out in 2017, but ticket sales will start soon.

And much more on the December 1st news letter! Share this and tell your friends! Help us make Queer Burners the best and richest resource for queer camps going to the burn.

Community Bulletin Board

A burner wrote QB asking… are there any queer burners in Chicago and so we asked. We posted a poll asking where people are at and then we can see if we can get resources in that area.

Are you a camp leader and on Facebook? There are several resources you should know about. This is for camp leaders now and future:

AND…. 2017 Camp Listing: this year we are asking camps to submit their entries for the web site so there are fewer assumptions from the producers of Queer Burners. You need to be part of the current leadership team of a camp to submit and please submit only once to this link (embeded).

Camps already submitted include: (if you see your camp submitted and want are not sure if this was done correctly there will be a chance to correct it before published):

  • Glamcocks (submitted and confirmed)
  • Sun Guardians (submitted and confirmed)
  • Down Low Club (submitted and confirmed)

Gay Pride at Burning Man

The last big post we shared got less attention than hoped, especially about a huge subject like this. Your feedback and input is really needed right now. Please take a look at this post about Pride & Burning Man.

Let’s Talk About … IT

Starting somewhere around 2006 an active member of the community named Mario Cisneros started a gay pride parade event that would begin at the foot of the man and wind into the city. It was usually a well turned out event because politically there was a lot still going on in the United States and in some other parts of the world where LGBT and other sexual self identifying people were struggling for rights and not to forget Mario’s flare for getting people together.

Burning Man Gay Pride
Mario: Left Side of Screen

Mario was part of Moonbow camp. It was, at least for a period of time, usually found near 3:00 and C in Black Rock City and was where the original Official Queer Burner Meet & Greet was before it moved over to the Down Low Club. All of this was done, at least through 2016, in Mario’s memory thanks to several members of the community struggling to keep it alive.

Mario Cisneros
Mario Cisneros

In 2014 the popularity and attendance started to wain and the organizer tried to update the concept to make it more interesting to the community at large but it never really caught fire. Mario passed in 2012 so from 2012 to 2015 Toaster from the Sun Guardians Village tried mastering it with a more pub crawl / parade vibe. Justin from Camp Proper took over in 2016 and had about the same, perhaps slightly better success than what Toaster finished with.

What Happen to LGBT Pride at Burning Man?

When talking about LGBT Pride in Black Rock City there was a dichotomy that was grossly apparent even in a part of the city that has been traditionally called the Gayborhood (to Rainbow Road for inclusivity). On one hand there was a thought that ALL burners were playing on the same field and there was no more us versus them. In fact, the powers that be at Burning Man Headquarters have stated they want to see queer camps dispersed through the city.

On the other hand, there are a lot of Queer Burners who have asked the Burning Man Organization to keep the queer neighborhood in tact for reasons of safety and security which has already been discussed in previous posts on this site. There was a theory that LGBTQAI feel threatened physically and emotionally on various levels; specifically female and non-conforming gender identities based on a recent survey (May 2016 by the Queer Burner Leadership Network); that the close quarters of Queer Camps help created a layer of safety and refuge for vulnerable queers and women.

The various positions on Pride at Burning Man made even a seasoned queer pause and doubt the importance of celebrating ones social/sexual self as opposed to others. The drive behind pride, at least within the fence around Black Rock City, became lost in the dust at some point.

Why Pride?

Why to Burning Man of all places? Most people think of Burning Man as the adult playground of love and harmony. EVERYONE loves each other and free hugs abound. This is the story that touches every soul who is compelled back annually and let nothing get in their way. All of that is absolutely true.

The dark underbelly of that has been physical and sexual assault that has resulted in a powerful and present campaign by great organizations like BED (Bureau of Erotic Discourse) and Safe Place.

But back to pride… there are a lot of old queerdos that go to Burning Man who are 80 years old and there are a lot of young people who never saw those battles in the streets for equality. To some Stonewall was an honorable mention in a history book (maybe) or something written on a rainbow flag they saw in June (gay pride month).

  • In our lifetime, even today, a person can be killed – loose their job – be thrown out of their home – all just for being LGBT. It does not matter what your age is. This happens today.
  • In our lives we queers are often forced by survival to choose our own faemily (spelling intentional) because the ones we were raised with cannot relate.
  • Queer teens are, as long as records have been kept, have the highest rates of suicide.

Pride, even if YOU as an individual don’t need it in the moment, that you know you have a softer place to go to if your other system fails. It is a light, rainbow colored, that will embrace.

Pride has FAILED some people who feel shamed or ostracized by their contemporaries or elders. As much as we try and sweep up the wreckage and want to heal that soul sometimes we cannot.

Pride and self worth is something we as a community embrace on our own terms, but as a community stand together to be that soft cushion for those in need where we can. The key word: Community. No matter how many people who cannot understand that history and vulnerability that are out there, the rest of us have to stand strong and bright so darkness does not win.

LGBT Pride and Burning Man

It has always seemed clear that the 10 Principles written by Larry Harvey for Burning Man were things that would resonate with LGBT people, specifically because it already represents what we have been trying to do our whole lives. It would seem the white-hetero-heavy board of directors for Burning Man were looking for the same exact thing as Queer Burners and people residing in the Rainbow Road section of the city.

According to the 2015 census 1/3rd of the citizens of Black Rock City are LGBT self identified. In 2016 the questions on the survey changed somewhat thanks to input from members of the Gender Blender camp to the powers that be that included more definitive terms people can self identify in the 2016 census. Look up #demographics on this site to see past census data.

The 10 Principles draw some parallel lines to basic needs from Burning Man participants to Queer Burners as a substructure of that community as a whole.

Out of the 70,000 people of Black Rock City only a small percentage actively engage in the Rainbow Road sector comparatively. However, the energy generated by queer camps has attracted mixed and mostly straight camps to the same sector for the same benefits queer camps have asked for. Camps like Orphan Endorphine identify as queer friendly and have been great community partners who want to be near us.

2017 Pride

There is yet new blood working on a 2017 event at Burning Man with new management. It is with great hope and anticipation we will see more of the community drawing together under the 2017 pride banner. We have a responsibility to represent the best qualities of ourselves and our community.

There have been some true champions in this story over the years. Many are shown in the #Queer Burners People hashtag who have contributed to this effort over time. Collectively Gender Blender, Beaverton and Glamcocks have made great strides in building bridges in and out of the queer neighborhood.

There is a vital need for LGBT Pride! Our fight is not over. All the rights bestowed upon us in the USA could vanish in a month, a week, or any amount of time. Even at Burning Man, there is still a chance that Placement will dismantle the queer camps in spite of our arguments to the contrary. The truth is there are more arguments against it out there than for it. We need to keep pride, community, and being present for those that need a hand always in mind.

If you are the one who needs that hand then talk to people… but a hand is different than a handout and radical self reliance is a scary road.

And finally: Placement has not taken a position to dismantle the queer neighborhood completely but it is a reality we might soon need to face. There was talk about breaking it in half at a 2016 meeting attended by your community leaders. Use your voice for good and together we will be a stronger community. Be engaged and help us promote a better united and supportive hug to embrace those when they need it.

News letter from 10/13

October Part II View this email in your browser

** October Part 2 ————————————————————

Here is to hoping everyone and their many touching #ComingOutDay messages seen on line this week. This is a great primer as we see the announcement for ALL OF US 2017 (the new Queer Burner Retreat) is on the horizon. BUT, we are looking for help still… we are looking for:

* An Accountant

* Stage Manager

* Choreographer

Just email us or reply to this email. The production Team will be meeting in the beginning of November and are looking for someone engaged as soon as possible. It is best if this person is in the Bay Area, but not absolutely required. These are paid positions, part time.

Big Announcements coming in the mid November mailer about ALL OF US 2017 – including tickets sales, ways camps can make a presence, the ways people can access the event that could not do it before, and out campaign for INCLUSIVITY!

** EVENTS & HAPPENINGS ————————————————————

From the calendar!
* San Francisco: Cosmic Ranch 2016 Burning Man Deco (https://www.facebook.com/events/168549850255182
* World Wide: Hugs Across America (https://www.facebook.com/events/296284867393010/
* New York City: Playa in the Park (https://www.facebook.com/events/1608200769472687/
* Colorado: Denver DeCOmpression – The Atomic (https://www.facebook.com/events/1839492569612308/
* Oakland: Exxxhibition – An artistic celebration of (https://www.facebook.com/events/1161140213927069/
* San Francisco: SpiceRack: Trumpacolypse! (https://www.facebook.com/events/351848188490599/
* San Francisco: 7th Annual SuperHero Street Fair 2016 (https://www.facebook.com/events/173711622995981/
* New York City: Haus of Yes – Pink Mammoth (http://Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx
* Yorkville: Groundswell Halloween 2016 (https://www.facebook.com/events/1313540668657288/
* San Francisco: Ghost Ship Halloween: Atlantis (https://www.facebook.com/events/1779256285686456/
* Sacramento: Spark the Dark – Sacramento Burning Man (https://www.facebook.com/events/660141257469081/
* San Francisco: ALL OF US Production Team Meeting – closed meeting for producers Nov 3rd

LAS VEGAS: Going to Vegas anytime soon? The Phoenix Bar 4213 W Sahara Ave is Burner and Queer Burner owned space! They have weekly meet-ups. Check them out! https://www.facebook.com/thephoenixlv

COLORADO: has a new Regional Queer Burner Page!!! More to come, but this page has already taken on some amazing life!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/216147918803048/

SAN FRANCISCO: Did you know that there are a lot of local businesses owned by burners? QBar, Midnight Sun and Beaux are all owned by a local burner business man who is committed to the community.


** COMMUNITY AWARENESS ————————————————————

How many people on your feed are experiencing a hard time? The increase in Cancer in the community is scary! Keep your thoughts, prayers, well wishes and wallets available for those asking for help! #fuckcancer hashtag for those supporting the fight for cancer.

Mental Health is also something very important! Many camp leaders and participants suffer from Anxiety and Depression and can’t … literally can’t ask for help. Be mindful of our community and be a supporter. All it takes to start is a smile and the show of love and support. Don’t find out when it is too late.

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