2014 Queer Burner Survey

The 1st ever survey just about the resources offered on our web site and on Facebook; which are abundant! While the site is maintained for the community part of the idea behind it was that the community would add to it to keep it current and relevant. The Facebook pages have really become that with a feed to twitter for people not on the Fbook. Here are all the resources:

Gay Burners (Master Page) | Queer Burners Group | Quire: QBLN | Google+
QB Regionals: Bay Area | SoCal | ATL | Las Vegas

Never ask a question you do not want the answer for, right? Well, feedback on this 5 year old project is good. If things are prospering then that is a win. If things are stifling, then it is time to change it up.

chart_1Here is what you said:

We asked about the web site and clicked through a variety of the resources we offered. While the 29 people out of 3000 that answered the survey were not aware of some resources there seemed to be some strong opinions about what they knew of.

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While not all the responses made it you the pretty graphics above there was some requests. What would you like to see more of. Ironically, half the items listed and a majority of answers were things that already exist on the site; which means maybe we need to demonstrate that better. Here is what was asked for:

  • Perhaps more academic or queer theory articles or original blog posts.
  • merp? [author note: I have no idea what that is]
  • Camps Events
  • Naked pics of Toaster 🙂 [author note: already there! It’s true.]
  • Keep it up to date and timely I stopped using it as a resource a couple years ago because it was never up to date to have timely information. As a camp organizer I could never post our events or provide information directly on the site so it was not useful to communicate to the community
  • More info for newbies, maybe some kind of 1 on 1 sponcered / mentor type relationship.
  • Need more visibility and scholarships to helps those without funds to be able to travel to leadership conferences.


Queer? WTF?

GeneshesDreamI joined the site a short time ago and am a pretty quiet guy. I live in a world where the “q” word means bad things, but I get it is like some other words that people have taken back and use in a darkroom.baltimoresun.comway that is not so negative. But this word, like the “n” word, it is still a bad word for many people.

My generation is caught in the middle. I see younger people treating these words like it is nothing, while older men  get really offended.

EXCEPT when it comes to burners. Words are offensive based on their context more than their face value and if someone is being a dick a burner will say “Don’t be harsh.” But there is still a stigma, because I cannot seem to get my friends to jump on board Queer Burners stuff because their first words are: “I’m not gay.”

There is nothing I have seen that mean you have to b gay to be a part of these events. It;’s just burners. Weirdly enough, I feel like the bay area has more hangups on the subject than people I met in L.A. or other burning man communities that I enjoyed.

If you don’t recognize me, I am the fly on the wall.who is in the fur coat, a smear of tribal makeup, and makes some polite conversation but usually shows up alone. The burners I meet are the best people. But in spite of all the illuminated thinking I see so many get hung up on some scary words.

Queer Burner History : 1993 to Present

History is important. Yes, knowing the past and what came before is the launching platform for the future. No, this is not based on Stonewall. No, this is not a freedom march up- Market Street.

No, this is about Burning Man and the queers of Burning Man. Today we have something called the Gayborhood, but how long has that been around?

burningManQBHThis project page so far goes back to 1993, but if you have any more info you can share please let us know. Contact the site admin.

Anyway, check out the article and comment you little hearts out… xo

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