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The web site for gay burners started a long time ago, but not nearly as long as the Burning Man ideology existed. Some say Queer Burners and Burning Man cannot co-exist under the same theory. Burning Man is about radical inclusion and  everyone JasonTang3playing in the same sandbox on the same level. The theory is this is a gifting economy so sexual orientation, gender and economic class are irrelevant. In theory.

Gay Burners became Queer Burners less than four years ago by accident. It was an idea by Scott Kay aka Toaster in 2008 that evolved from a static site to the less static site it is today. His goal has been to make a site that gets contributions from various members of the community enriching everyone as a whole, which it has not really taken off. Much of the information is like a sign post.

p1060872-viDoes the Gayborhood and queer focused camps keep lgbt Burners from integrating? Another important question is should we want integration?

Toaster brought Queer Burners to life to bring lgbt burning man people together with growing success. The 2015 Sprint Retreat in Northern California and the last 4 years of Queer Burner Leadership events were great examples of growth in the community.

Indian Burning Man?

I saw this post by accident when I went looking for camps with people from India. It was written by Chip Connelly, or better he was referred and revered in it. It talks about a festival in India that mirrors Burning Man in many ways. I thought I would share it here though I never have been. Just seemed like something to … share.

This is the same guy who got a lot of trouble with his pug and play camp at Burning Man that went so badly I think.

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“The most obvious commonality is that these two festivals require a gargantuan effort to create a temporary tent village. The logistics and commitment of volunteers to create Burning Man for 60,000 people in the inhospitable high desert is mind-boggling. And, we’re proud to say that on Burning Man’s peak night, Black Rock City (the name of the Burning Man village) is the third most populous city in the state of Nevada. But, that’s child’s play compared to Kumbh Mela which, on the most auspicious bathing period, welcomes approximately 30 million people on that day alone, made it the most populous city on earth on February 10. And, since the Mela is lasting 55 days this year, as compared to a week and a half for Burning Man, the number of visitors over the course of that time is estimated to be as much as 100 million devotees.”

Link to full article

SNARK sucks… but I digress

Seems like the only time I just in is when something is going on that just makes me feel really upset about the way the burning man community is heading. On that note… these dramas are always temporary. If someone does not have something to bitch about then life is not worth living???

I hate Burners.Me. I hate the tone it had last year and with the posts that Danger Ranger posted it seemed to stir the beast into a foamy lather that is not good for anyone. So, I expressed my concerns with Toaster who told me what he knew about Otis who was one of the main writers for Burners.Me last year. Otis opened and it seems he only wrote a few articles and stopped in January 2014.

No one wants any more drama than what we already have. The whole turn key camp situation is some-shit! Just glad that is almost over. But, Danger Rangers post just dumped gas on other issues with the guy from Burner.Me…

I suppose the same people who appreciate Burner.Me is the same audience that thrives on the Burning Man Facebook Group (I hate that space and left that group for all the snarky, negative and basically evil content). Check this out too [Link]

After all the noise, Burners.Me posted on their Facebook page that the blog posts on the Borg page were being blocked implying that there was some great conspiracy. That is the bullshit tone I am talking about from them. Maybe Burning Man found a way to shut this guy off? Maybe there was a glitch in the machine for a minute someone decided to make something out of it that there was not? Either way, the posts are on the blog site and are working just fine…

Queer? WTF?

GeneshesDreamI joined the site a short time ago and am a pretty quiet guy. I live in a world where the “q” word means bad things, but I get it is like some other words that people have taken back and use in a darkroom.baltimoresun.comway that is not so negative. But this word, like the “n” word, it is still a bad word for many people.

My generation is caught in the middle. I see younger people treating these words like it is nothing, while older men  get really offended.

EXCEPT when it comes to burners. Words are offensive based on their context more than their face value and if someone is being a dick a burner will say “Don’t be harsh.” But there is still a stigma, because I cannot seem to get my friends to jump on board Queer Burners stuff because their first words are: “I’m not gay.”

There is nothing I have seen that mean you have to b gay to be a part of these events. It;’s just burners. Weirdly enough, I feel like the bay area has more hangups on the subject than people I met in L.A. or other burning man communities that I enjoyed.

If you don’t recognize me, I am the fly on the wall.who is in the fur coat, a smear of tribal makeup, and makes some polite conversation but usually shows up alone. The burners I meet are the best people. But in spite of all the illuminated thinking I see so many get hung up on some scary words.

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