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I will not presume through this page to ass-u-me I know everything there is to know about all of you. The mission of this site and it’s members are: ‘LGBT plus all the blurry lines in-between‘. What is gay or queer or lesbian or trans or whatever is less important than the ties that bind us is that we are just who we are.


Radical Self-expression is something a lot of queers have known for years. Besides being a gay male, a burner, and a self described artist I am often identified as: “off”  or  “quirky”  or  “artsy”. I got to Walmart in my kilt and boots that have metal plates on them up to my knees. And I am very comfortable doing so… in fact going anywhere.

We, the queers and off-beat, are radical self-expression and more for years long before the 10 principles.

When I see the things some Burner Queers are doing I have to sit back cheer them on! Of course most people are familiar with Comfort & Joy as well as the Camp Beaverton camps what really put on quite a production every year. in fact a lot of our queer camps do some amazing stuff and it is very worthy to watch the Queer Camp List.

The Queer Camp List will be updated in July when BMorg releases the official list of theme camps and villages. Involve yourself with these camps if you can and help support their infrastructure. Participate in the making of something very special.

In a blog I wrote in 2009 I was really blown away by what I witnessed in my first year at Burning Man. It was the only year I went and just stepped back and observed, tried learning about the people of the Burner culture, and came away with some really interesting observations.

I felt, while watching a lot of people given permission to be outside the box (possible the first time in their lives), sorta spiral into a short circuit frenzy. There is an insurmountable amount of men inspired to dress as women or wearing women’s clothing and a lot of expression of sexuality.

There is nothing wrong with any of it, with any healthy expression, hopefully making the journey back into the default world a new journey, too.

It took me back to the 70’s and 80’s (yes, I am that old) where gay and lesbians were finally stepping out the shadows in droves and were demanding more and more recognition which has been growing consistently.

We are all not “gay” or “lesbian” on this thing called ‘gay burners’. We are the blurry lines and make no apologies for it. We support your right to explore your own identity/orientation/none-of-the-above. Feel free to share your stories below.

Gay Camp Placement

Gay Village MapsA couple people mentioned in posts and email that they did not really know where the gay camps were concentrated… or more-so where or what the Gayborhood/Gay Ghetto were. The map attached to this piece from the 2010 Metropolis is a rough estimate of just those.

MalMart is loosely marked there as well as Pink Heart. This does not mean 2011 will see the same exact placement, but it seems to reflect 2009. Having spent a lot of time in both regions I can say I had a lot of fun and met a lot of amazing people.

The map is just generally informational and I will look to post something a little more comprehensive after July 1st when the theme camp list is published and we get a list of the gay camps projected for 2011 Rites of Passage.

The reality is that gay camps are all over the place, but these small concentrations of familiars feels like a pool of water in the middle of the desert when we are seeking to make connections.

I personally pledge to visit and spend time in every camp posting here to some degree and be there to support whatever I can. We are a single part of a whole and I look forward to spending time together once again!

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If you feel like adding… I was doing 2010 pics only


Queer Burner Web Sites

I check through the analytics on this web site periodically (the visitor stats) and am always really happy with the things I see. There are a lot of people visiting this site looking for – US!

Pink Mammoth

There is a pretty detailed list of the Queer(friendly) camps in the Queer Camp page which will be updated as soon as the new list is published in April(?). People are starting to look for their arrangements and are plotting where there home will be in 2011.

Anyone new to this scene has to ask themselves if they are aligning themselves with the right kind of people. Is the temperament of this crew down with me and visa versa?

The only way to know is by involving yourself actively with proposed camps and one start – depending how remote you are – is by visiting the web sites representing the various camps. They have pictures and blog entries and will often tell you right there IF they are accepting applications to join them. [Burning Man Survival Guide]

Paradise Motel is one of those than handle that very well. They look like an exciting camp and with mention of a pool, one might want to jump into that camp and make some friends. In the third paragraph of the front page they give you the chance to apply to join them. See pictures of their adventures and find out if these guy have the vibe you seek.

Now, one of the largest camps and most well known throughout Burning Man is Comfort & Joy. They always put on a well dressed camp with beautiful art projects on their plot as well as having two spacious, gorgeous circus size tents that are always an oasis for anyone looking to escape the thump-thump-thump of Burning Man for a bit.

For the Ladies (and other blurry lines) and just as famous as C&J is the one and only Camp Beaverton: Home for Wayward Girls. What a remarkable group. They have daily events and classes mostly with a focus of the womyn’s experience. The mayor of Beaverton “Bucket” has a lot of amazing energy she has that inspires and adds to those Wayward Girls.

Not all camps have their own glorious web sites on line, but more rely on the social networks. One of these includes Moonbow Camp. Moonbow Camp started as a group of Gay campers that go to Yosemite Valley every year for a weekend of hiking, camping and spending quiet time with Nature and the Forrest. Although very hospitable and always throw an awesome event joining their group is a little more difficult when it comes to camping. They are a group of friends and maybe closed to applications. But definitely check them out and watch the What Where When for the many events they host. Ring leader and Gay Pride flag bear-er Mario is an active participant on this site so feel free to drop him a line.

There are so many options and in the theory of Radical Inclusion (1 of the 10 Principles of Burning Man) you should feel comfortable camping almost anywhere, but it still makes sense to find people of like mind/body/soul.

Now a moment of some self-service from your Toaster, a new plan for a camp with open invitation to people interested in a RadFae creative vibe call Sun Guardians. 2011 will be it’s premiere year and will hopefully exist beyond Burning Man like the fine folks of Moonbow. Check it out and thanks for the moment of self gratification.

Choosing a queer camp or any other is the launching platform for your Burn. DON’T FUCK YOUR BURN by choosing the wrong thing. You can always visit these camps and enjoy their mixers. Stag Camp is great place for individuals who are on their own and looking for the shelter of a group. Camping on your own is a way where you don’t have to marry into a group that you may not have the gumption to participate with or be able to commit.


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