2011: Rites of Passage“Rites of Passage” – There are moments of crisis and frisson in our lives which inform us that we’ve somehow crossed an inner threshold and are changed. Thus moving from one state of being into an unknown other is not a facile transformation; it obliges us to face our innermost insecurities, and it requires faith, a willingness to leap off the ladder of ordered existence. Our theme this year invites participants to join with others in creating rites of passage. [source: burningman.com]

Queer presence seems to be growing in this jungle of sexual ambiguity and radical self expression; something the lgbt community has been doing for a long time. Yet, we play very nicely together and are bringing our experiences to this amazing playing field called Burning Man.

Welcome Home – A Burning Man Adventure 2011 from Wallaby Way on Vimeo.

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