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    Welcome to all the new people who have joined the site. It will be going through some transformation stuff quite soon. And we will be sharing some cool email and cool things coming up.

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    Wooosh, thank you for all the recent people who joined the site. There was a software problem so things got backed up. Here I thought it was just strangely quiet. Yikes! ha ha ha ha… so stay tuned for more information. Who is still looking for a camp to join?

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    We’re back for our 5th year and taking applications. The application is linked here and on our web site and

    A Burning Man Theme Camp

  • The by monthly news letter went out on June 30th to launch the weekend and let people know about coming events.
    July 4th Weekend
    It’s time for fireworks and picnics in the park. Patriotism is probably along […]

    It is the Summer of Love & Pride in San Francisco. There are so many amazing events they can’t ALL fit in here! Wherever your Pride is, this month or any other, please  enjoy it!!!
    In this issue of […]

  • So, it’s been a week now since All Of Us ended. Many of the people involved in the magic are off doing the ALC (AIDS Life Cycle) ride from San Francisco to L.A.. So, as I write the official report on the event […]

  • It’s mid may and we are heading deep into Festival Season and Gay Pride. The year passes at such a high velocity some times it is hard to keep up with the latest and the greatest. Here is our quick and dirty […]

  • So this list of important things went out on 5/16 for All Of Us and only got 63% opens. While that is good for 1 day everyone must have this information for when they arrive. It is extremely helpful if the clicks […]

  • It’s already a week into May and this news letter is just getting out. That’s right, it’s a busy month for all of us. Speaking of which: ALL OF US is just days away! I bet you are dying to know how you can get out […]

  • There is a new voice to the posts on Queer Burners and soon some new looks. Check out some of the latests posts and be sure to consider one of your own. Just let the admin know you are posting so we can make sure […]

  • The Global Leadership Conference hosted by Burning Man in Oakland at the beginning of the month was an amazing experience. This was my 5th or 6th one. When one starts forgetting those details then it feels like […]

  • Over the years that I have been doing things under the banner of Queer Burner (formerly Gay Burners) it has taken many forms. As the primary voice on this project it has been my chief goal to unite queer burners […]

  • The Burning Global Leadership Conference (#bmglc2017) (GLC) was last weekend and one question has been on my mind: will Placement be breaking up the Gayborhood / Rainbow Road / Queer Neighborhood? We do not know. […]

  • An updated version of the All Of Us event banner for 2017. This has become so exciting I can hardly believe it. With good people involved the whole things is evolving into a major thing. We have great artists, […]

  • March 2017 – Happy Burnal Equinox
    It’s a time when the season has really began heating up and the foundation for the 2017 Burning Man event themed […]

  • Queer Burners is first about creating and fostering community and safe space for LGBTQAI+ people and our allies. We have a handful of leaders in the community that have united to help unite us all, while also […]

  • To get this news letter in your mail box sign in at the bottom of the page. There is a form in the footer to get on the mailing list. Everyone who signs up on the web site is automatically added to the […]

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    If you want to see the Twitter feed, please take a look by clicking on the “Search” option to the right and see the slider that pops out.

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    Added the start of the 2017 season on the web site:


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