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  • Mario aka Moonraker posted a new activity comment 3 years, 4 months ago

    Walking thru Center Camp,
    he stands alone, forgotten or lonely?
    Building Dreams, Remembrances, Hope & Stars;
    all burned and ashes in the wind.
    He says “It’s not your fault.”

    I walk up quickly and say,
    “It’s a honor to meet you Mr. Best.”
    He does not smile or move.
    “You live in our hearts and with reverence!”

    WAIT! Can i take your…[Read more]

  • Mario aka Moonraker posted a new activity comment 3 years, 4 months ago

    Pink mammoth is not listed on the listings and their web page is down, i don’t think they’re returning this year.

  • Mario aka Moonraker posted a new activity comment 3 years, 4 months ago

    Pink mammoth is a day time dance camp, i’ll look and see if they are returning. But The Deep End is not returning this year either, its was the hotest daytime dance camp with their all male dance show. Instead, a couple of their members are returning with a new daytime dance-a-teria called District, it’ll have huge go-go boy boxes all over the…[Read more]

  • Mario aka Moonraker posted a new activity comment 3 years, 4 months ago

    Very good observation, the term I learned my first year was “Playasexual”, when you go to Burningman, all sexual identity is left at the Gate. You can be gay, straight, bisexual or unsexual as need be. That’s why so many straight men show up at Stiffy lube and Afterglow to experience what they cannot at home. But alot of straight men take it as…[Read more]

  • Mario aka Moonraker posted a new activity comment 3 years, 4 months ago

    You can keep this rolling by posting some info on all the regional Decompressions! Moonbow Camp will try and be at SF Decom and the LA Decom also. We might have a lounge to introduce ourselves at next years Long Beach Gay Pride also!

  • Mario died on March 21, 2012. We are holding a memorialcelebration in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 28. Email me for an invitation:, Mario’s boyfriend

  • Hi everyone, there will be no Moonbow camp this year! Have fun!

  • Hi everyone! Sorry i havent posted for awhile, but i’m taking a break from the Burn scene; no decom’s or using my burn outfits for halloween. LOL
    But i heard some stuff! Like no theme yet? Are they going to sell Xmas tickets like last year? Will there be tier pricing?
    PS did you read my post about the 2012 Temple builder? Remember!

  • Hi everyone!
    Moonbow Camp is just about to leave for the playa! Thanks for the request to join, but we’re filled up right now. We’ve been planning , meeting, spending too much money, and dreaming of the Playa for the past YEAR! We’re almost there! We leave on friday morning to BRC, and are looking forward to meeting you at home. I’ll make one…[Read more]

  • Thanks to all the Gay Burners and passerby’s who waved to us at our Burner picnic last sunday! It’s was a huge success and we had tons of leftover food too! the weather was perfect and all the Gay guys driving by checking us out was fun. We’ll do it again next spring. Thanks!
    There is only 13days left until Moonbow camp leaves for the playa, and…[Read more]

  • Moonbow Camp’s last meeting will be…a Burner picnic in Griffith park on august 7th, on the green grass not in the bushes! Come join us on a relaxing sunday afternoon’s Picnic in the park, There will be food, booze, music, hookah, sharing of plans and Burner news too! Come meet other burners, everyone is invited. I was going to try and make those…[Read more]

  • yes, Moonbow camp has been placed at a great location again this year, 3:00 & B; come check out our great new Shade structure handmade by Campmates, we have some fun events; the Gay meet & greet on monday night; the Toga Party on tuesday night, our Gay Pride Parade on friday afternoon in front of the Man with a reception back in camp; Wings flight…[Read more]

  • Moonbow camp is now officially filled up; our roll call started months ago and everyone has participated! We’re not adding anyone else now, and I have all the contact info for members which will be recieving info sheets on the event by the end of this week.

  • The Burner fashion show was a HUGE Success, thanks to all the moonbowians for showing up and participating! It was very fun MC’ing.
    I’ll be posting all of Moonbow camp Playa events onto the official guide either tonight or tomorrow!

  • Very excited that Larry Harvey is going to be at our Burner fashion Show this sunday here in LA, it starts at 6pm in the courtyard of the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Wear your best playawear and see you there!
    PS did you see the pic of the new BM Poster and current pic of the playa i posted on my facebook page!

  • Just posted a HUGE amount of pics on the Moonbow camp facebook page (under the pictures tab) to remind you all of the good times we had there. Check out the pics from the Gay Pride parade reception back in camp in the 2010 album! Memories…..

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