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I read and understand the profile policy statement.









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Los Angeles

Details about you

squirreling around this great globe of ours. experiencing life in the most profound way I possibly can while sharing that energy and space with all sentient beings

Do you know where you are camping? Camp Name?

open but I love Comfort & Joy, Payasos L.A., Glam Cocks…



Burning Man Experience

This will be my first time at BRC, but I’ve been to a few regional burns… I have seen what can happen when beautiful minds and bodies work together to create that oneness of experience that BRC exudes.

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I Agree


I have not figured this thing out and without the required details the profile will be deleted in 24 hours., I have read the above and will comple. This is the focus of the site… LGBTQ Burning Man experience which is radically inclusive.

Optional Questions

Position Fav

Bottom or Bottom/Vers, Versatile, Slave




Medium Spicey, Wild and rild!, Super hot panty burner burner!, Off the FUCKING charts, bitch!


Default World Plaid, Default World Jeans, Default World Leather, Naked

What would you do?

sit next to this hottie and make some small talk and see if there is a spark., you get undressed and sit across the way showing your own assets., you begin masturbating right there initiating your own radical self expression.

What would you do - 2?

walk over and sit next to this person and admire the art., sense this person might be cold and want to cuddle because of the 3 E you took earlier and nuzzle., sit next to this person and talk about how beautiful the night is., keep walking and go into the tent looking to get plowed., say "hi" and smile and ask if this person wants to go moop hunting on the playa.

One LAST what would you do?

rush inside and take a seat!!!, go inside and sit in the back, secretly pleasuring yourself fearing being caught – yet aroused., seek out the nearest orgy tent thinking how great the class was.

Stuff to do at Burning Man I might do:

At Burning Man I would like to:

Get laid as often as possible and drink myself into a stink!, Get my ass smacked at the Booby Bar or at Playfully Yours… oh baby!, Visit as many orgy tents as I can!, Dance until I can't walk anymore in the District or Opulent Temple., Check out as many art installations as I can for instpiration., Check out the many nude yoga classes., Attend a drawing workshop at Comfort & Joy., Participate in the community and help out with someone's art project., Be a lamplighter and give service to the BM event., Find some kind of spiritual centerdness., Hug, love, interract with as many real human beingas as possible., get my ass handed to me at the Thunder Dome., have coffee with someone sweet and sexy at center camp; naked or clothed.

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