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    Here’s another way to answer the Question asked above:

    Q: What are radical faeries?

    A:The basic idea behind the Radical Faeries is that being two-spirited or “gay” is not a curse, weakness, flaw or perversion, but instead, a precious gift… a source of insight & talent that we should cultivate & explore, not suppress. The point of faeri…[Read more]

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    Radical Faeries are just one of many types of queer Burners. I want to definitely want to hear more from any groups that have overlapping values/interests with queer burning man folks. So yes: more! of everything!

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    • Hey Sugar! Hey guys and gals … Kitten here is from Comfort & Joy and is a social networking king (queen) and is also an Admin on this site. If you need anything still come to me (Scott) but Kitten might help out if I drop off the face of the earth. xo

      • Oompa-loompa-doompa-dee-doo, I have another puzzle for you: why is it that when you’re viewing profiles and hit “Back” on your browser, it takes you back to the top of the list and not to the page you were just on? It took me all night to surf 180 profiles because of this. And I did – I’m watchin’ y’all! 🙂

        • I don’t know… I am always working on making this better. If interested in helping with the site let’s talk Monday!

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