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San Francisco

Details about you

Avalon Village coordinator for many years. Avalon is no longer registered as a village, but we still coordinate our theme camps together and are at 7:30 and D this year…

Do you know where you are camping? Camp Name?

Mudskipper Cafe, serving root beer floats every day!



Burning Man Experience

This will be my 15th Burn. My first was in 1994 (I missed 1999 and 2008, but have come every other year since). In 1994, We were a camp of 12 people and Burning Man had only 2000 people at that time. Our 12 people grew into Avalon Village, a 300 person queer village of about 7 theme camps. I’m very excited about this year – I love that Burning Man has pulled together a queer ghetto for us to pool our creativity together!

Are you on Facebook?

Yes, as Nathan Purkiss

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