2023 is looking really exciting and promising. Details are coming soon with how to join in on the party. 

  • Speed Dating - SF - March 15th
  • Burning Man Theme Camp Symposium - SF - March 18th
  • Rainbow Learning 1 - SF - March TBD
  • Speed Dating - East Bay - April 1 TBD
  • Rainbow Learning 2 - April - TBD
  • Gerlach Gay Pride - May 20
  • Spring Retreat Campout - Memorial Day 
  • Rainbow Learning 3 - TBD
  • Grants Program Announce - TBD

Past Events

One one the three gateways this organization passes through when we talk about community building. It is via festival and celebration that the community comes together and shares its culture and history to build the future together. Every time we gather, we define who and what we bring to what we love most. 

Queer Burners Leadership Summit

Our camp leaders and other leaders of the community are a truly amazing and strong group of people adept at bringing their skills to our people on and off playa. Together we have been strongest when uniting our voices for the welfare and safety of our community.

All Of Us

All Of Us event is the only LGBTQ+ focused event of it's kind using the 10 Principles of Burning Man as a foundation. It serves as the unofficial Burning Man "Regional" for the queer community, although it is not an officially sanctioned event of the Burning Man Organization.

All of Us from Jeff Schick on Vimeo.

All Of Us is special because we are focusing on the LGBTQIA+ part of our burner community and our allies. While other regionals around the world attempt to broaden their audience, there is almost always a strong heterosexual narrative whether intended or not. In our case, we focus on LGBTQIA with some straight people instead of the inverse. 

The Queer Burner Retreat

Before All Of Us, we had the Queer Burner Retreat, held at Groundswell. It was re-branded and a new venue at the Saratoga Springs Retreat Center was chosen so we could make room for potential expansion and welcome people of more varied backgrounds as well as people with limited physical abilities.