Theme Camp Directory 2022

Astro Cats
Ally Camp
C & 7:15

Over the years, the camp has evolved from a loose group of friends and colleagues in the SF Bay Area into a medium-size camp with members from different parts of the US and the world. We treasure the diversity of our backgrounds, cultures, and talents. Join Us!

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D & 4:15

Since 2001, the Astropups have been known for providing a cool (and furry) oasis on the playa where countless queer (and queer-friendly) Burners have crossed paths and met new friends.

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Camp Beaverton
Lesbian / Female Identified
C & 7:45

Camp Beaverton is an intentional, experimental, and experiential Burning Man community theme camp. Our goal is to provide a safe space for women on- and off-playa. Learn more at Join Us!

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Celestial Bodies
G & 7:30

We are a relaxed, friendly, no-drama camp (for the most part) that has been together for more than a decade. While it wasn’t planned or ever imagined, Celestial Bodies has become a recognized theme camp and one of the anchor camps in the playa Gayborhood. Join Us!

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Electric Sheep
B & 7:15

An esoteric Burning Man camp providing experiential performance, electricity tastings, hand-infused alcohols, and more! Est. 2013 as Shots for Shocks.

Empire Square

We're a fabulously queer camp in the AEZ Village and home to Moonlight Outpost, a Deep Playa food cart! Hang with us and you are bound to have a wild adventure.

Future Turtles
Gay / Male Identified
E & 4:30

We are a chaotic bunch of friends building the Turtle Spaceport in the East Village, featuring a 24/7 lounge, daily HIIT workouts, parties, and the Pillow Fort designed to allow people to experience being sexually social in a safe and respectful way. Join Us!

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Gaylactic Invaders Village
7:00 & C

Gaylactic Invaders Village is returning to the playa in search of intergalactic love slaves. Out-of-this-world beverages and workshops held throughout the burn.

Heavy Petting Zoo - HPZ
Ally Camp
7:15 & F

The HPZ art car is a mobile extension of our camp culture of genuine acceptance and inclusion. HPZ welcomes all species of animals and aliens… so when you see us next… jump aboard and experience the greatest Petting Zoo on Earth!

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Paradise Motel
7:30 & Unknown

Designed like a '60s roadside motel, our flamboyance, mainly in SF, have worked hard over 11 years on Playa to establish Paradise Motel as a "daytime destination" with our classic offering of the best snow cones on the playa; themed music with live DJ. Join Us!

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Remote Control
Gay / Male Identified
I & 7:45

Our Portland-based camp will help you Pimp Your Bike, let you Buzz the Straight Boy while he cleans and lubes your chain, hand you a MOOP bag for your playa bike travels, and welcome you to chill with us anytime. Join Us!

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Tickled Mink
D & 7:45

Tickled Mink (where everyone's a star!) is here to help zhuzh you at our minkup mirror so you can start channeling your inner diva, then you'll be oh so ready to strike a glamorous cover page pose on our cerulean portrait throne. Usually 12ish minks.

This year we will be attending Burn Week Global Live Stream.

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Yes Please
C & 6:45

Yes Please is the answer to every question. Come chill in our calm and revitalizing sanctuary, dance with new friends and experience our inclusive oasis of sex-positivity, queer empowerment, and love. Visit our infamous Non-Monogamy Advice Booth

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