Thank you for visiting Queerburners. We are listed as Queer Burners (dba Queerburners) with the IRS and are in strict compliance with the rules and regulations around such a fortunate status as a social organization. 

2022 Fundraising has begun

In order to produce events responsibly and accountably, we have to make sure we meet certain marks. Among those include insurance and rent for the spaces used. Safe for all and welcoming. Your donations will help keep our costs down and allow us to have more equity for people from all walks of life who want to be a part of this amazing culture. 

We are starting off with an ask of $15k for our goal. We will raise money through every channel we can access. Including swag and grant applications. Additionally, we are working on a program to supprt artists with generour grants who are going to 10 Principle events all over the world.

2021 Fundraising Campaign

We had set a lofty goal for last year as we began laying the foundation for events setup for our community coming this year. We have 3 planned as of this date. They are coming together in a level that is very exciting. We raised $6000 dollars total for the year in direct donations and are raising the bar for 2022. We need donation and income to make sure our events and projects are accessible for all members of our community. Access and agency for our participants is at the core of what we are trying to develop.