2013: Cargo Cult

2013 Burning Man's "Cargo Cult" was another amazing year!

Moderate weather, largest city ever (yes, they had to make room for camps beyond the already expanded streets) and another amazing Man and Temple.

From the Queer Burners historical archive:

Camp Directory 2013

Type Name Address Taking Apps Placement Link
NrQueer Celestial Bodies 7:30 Plaza Unk Yes Facebook
NrQueer Sun Guardians 7:30 & E Yes No Facebook
NrQueer Bloasis Village 7:30 & D Unk No  
NrQueer TNT Lounge 4:30 & E/F Unk No Facebook
Queer Comfort & Joy Village (C&J) 7:30 & E Yes Yes Facebook
Queer Camp Conception 7:15 & H Yes Yes Facebook
Queer Homojitoville 9:15 & G Unk Yes Facebook
Queer Down Low Club 7:15 & G Unk Yes Yahoo
Queer AstroPups 7:30 & F Unk Yes Facebook
Queer Glamcocks 7:30 Plaza Unk Yes Facebook
Queer Paradise Motel 7:45 & G Yes Yes Facebook
Queer Camp Beaverton   Yes Yes Facebook
Queer Pink Gym     C&J Facebook
Queer Gender Blender   Yes Beavers Facebook
Queer Burner Buddies 4:15 & J Yes No Facebook
Queer Camp Montage     C&J  
Queer Carrot Dome     C&J  
Queer Tatza Habba     C&J  
Queer Extra Testicles from Outer Space     C&J  
Queer Camp Harmony     C&J  
Queer Crisco Disco Mutant Vehicle Camp   Yes C&J Facebook
Queer Yes, Please 7:45 & D Yes Yes Facebook
Queer Dialated Peoples Eye Spa 7:45 & F No Yes Facebook
Queer/Sober Run Free Camp 7:00 & E Yes No Facebook
Queer/Sober Camp Stella 7:45 & F Yes Yes Facebook
QueerFr Uli Baba & the Horny Thieves 5:00 & E Unk Yes  
QueerFr Sukkat Shalom   Unk Yes Facebook
QueerFr Poly Assylum        
QueerFr Poly Paradise        
Unk Rainbow Fishy Camp   Unk Bloasis  
Unk Bear Oasis   Unk Bloasis